Princess Birthday Parties Montreal

PBP Montréal is a new identity to the long time running princess party business that was started by Princess Stephanie in 2005

Specializing in fairy tale birthday parties for kids ages 3 to 10, we offer Princess, Fairies, Glamour, Knights, Pirates and soon Jedi birthday party themes.

But more than that, we offer support throughout the entire planning process, from helping you chose the right time, location and party extras for your child’s party. When booking a party with us, you benefit of over 15 years’ experience and thousands of children’s birthday parties. You are in good hands! Unlike many other princess birthday parties offered in the city, Princess Birthday Parties Montreal doesn’t put on a “show”, but rather we spend the entire time engaging with your child and their friends. As well, all the children at the party get to dress up and bring home a craft. This is what makes are parties unique and such a memorable experience.
Princess Birthday Parties Montreal offers extras such as face painting, loot bags, piñatas and party supplies so you can sit back and feel like the Queen you are during the entire planning process!

If you would like your little girl to grow up to be a strong Princess

Reserve your princess, fairy or other theme party with us today! Please fill out the form and our Fairy Godmother will be more than happy to assist you!

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What is a Princess according to Princess Birthday Parties?

Unlike other companies, where girls pretend to be a famous princess, we at PBP, truly believe we are real princesses and that is what makes are parties so much more magical.

A true princess stands by her values, values like, a sense of adventure, a belief that the impossible is achievable, respect for people of all shades, shapes and sizes, that friendly is fun, honesty is the best policy even when it’s the hardest way, that laughter make life great and that adding little bit of fairy tale magic makes everything so much better! We believe that there is a lot more to being a princess than wearing poufy dresses and diamond tiaras, although those are certainly fun to play with! Being a princess is all about compassion and caring. We believe that being a Princess is being:

I ndependant
Naturally beautiful

Those are the seeds we discreetly plant as we make their birthday wishes come true!

If you feel like you ARE a princess and would love to join us

on our journey of teaching young girls to be the best princess they can be through magical birthday parties, please fill out the form below and we’ll get your PBP business started!

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Who is Princess Birthday Party Montreal ?

Meet the two princesses who are carrying on the magic!

Meet Princess Meagan !

Princess Meagan is proud and honoured to be running Princess Birthday Parties Montreal, which she has been a part of for nearly 5 years! In addition to overseeing all the operations of PBP Montreal, Princess Meagan is also still one of the most booked Princesses, and supervises the training of all new Princesses.
Princess Meagan can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t passionate about working with children. From working at day camp to volunteering at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, she always knew her calling was to work with children. This passion has also led her to currently be pursuing a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at McGill University. Being a child at heart in addition to her love for working with children, when Princess Meagan found out through a friend about an opportunity to work for Princess Stephanie, she knew that it was fate. Throughout the years, although Princess Meagan has held other odd jobs, nothing compared to the joy and fulfilment she got from working as a Princess. Working as a Princess has shown her that being a Princess is about much more than what is portrayed in Disney movies. To embody a Princess truly means to be a kind, patient, caring, independent individual, and these are qualities that Princess Meagan hopes to carry with her throughout the rest of her life. Princess Meagan knows that her journey to grow as a Princess herself, as well as to teach young girls the important values that princesses stand by, isn’t over yet, which is why she decided to continue the legacy that is now PBP Montreal. She hopes that you will join her on this journey of showing young girls how to be the best versions of themselves they can be, and that no matter what, they should follow their dreams.


My name is Elizabeth, and I am the Fairy Godmother for Princess Birthday Parties Montreal

I answer the phone, book the parties, and make sure your planning process is as stress free as possible! I am currently studying Public Relations at McGill. Along with being Fairy Godmother, I also work in radio and promotions, I am a certified makeup artist, and I’m a wedding, event, family and portrait photographer!
I first started working with Princess Stephanie and Friends years ago when I was 17, it was my first job. I had wanted to work, but the typical first jobs just didn’t seem to be enough for me. When I heard there was a casting call to become a princess, I immediately thought that this job was meant for me. Working with Princess Stephanie and at the Enchanted Castle has been such an important part of my life, and had I not worked as a princess I believe my life would be completely different. Princesses aren’t just for little girls. To me, working as a princess taught me the importance of friendship, sharing, supporting each other, honesty, and following your dreams, which is why I wanted to continue to take on Princess Birthday Parties Montreal, to show young girls that they too can follow their dreams! This company truly cares about each birthday child and their parents, and genuinely wants them to have a good time, and understand what it means to be a true princess.